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Hati saya bergetar sebak bercampur gembira apabila membaca dan mendengar kata-kata ini.  Kalau ia diucapkan oleh seorang ustadz atau cendekiawan Islam, saya sudah biasa mendengarnya.  Namun, kali ini ia diucapkan oleh seorang pemerintah di sebuah negara yang berjiran dengan negara kita, iaitu Sultan Brunei.  Tersangat gembira membacanya.  Dalam bab ini nampak macam boleh dicontohi…

Saya berdoa kepada ALLAH `Azza wa Jalla agar semua pemimpin dan pemerintah mencontohi semangat dan azam yang ada di dalam dada pemerintah negara tersebut.  Dan semoga Baginda Sultan Brunei istiqamah dengan tindakannya.

Berikut adalah petikan akhbar yang saya petik dari The Brunei Times:

Ubaidillah Masli
Thursday, October 13, 2011

His Majesty on enforcing Islamic law

“WHO ARE WE, in the presence of Allah (SWT), to say ‘no or wait’; considering that (Islamic) law was not only formulated, but has been stated in Al-Quran and Al-Hadiths for more than 1,400 years.”

This was the message in the titah of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam who yesterday reiterated calls for Brunei to implement Islamic law, particularly through the establishment of an Islamic Criminal Act.

“This is among my main aspirations, which have long been voiced but until now it is still being addressed,” the monarch said.

His Majesty raised the issue in his birthday titah on July 15, 1996 and more recently at a sitting of the Brunei Islamic Religious Council (MUIB) in March this year.

The sovereign has also urged authorities not to delay in introducing the Act during the MUIB meeting on Monday.

Voicing similar remarks yesterday, the monarch said that despite Brunei being small, the Sultanate has the resources and power to implement Islamic law. Its standing as a Muslim nation also makes it an obligation to carry it out.

“We have no other choice than to obey all of Allah’s (SWT) commands.”

“If we are still saying no or wait first, (then) this does not make sense,” His Majesty said.
His Majesty put forward the notion that without the implementation of Islamic law, it puts into question Brunei’s standing with Al-Quran and the Hadiths.

“Because of this, I am called, without any doubt, to see an Islamic Criminal Act established and implemented,” His Majesty said, adding that the existing secular laws would not be “pushed” aside.

The monarch noted that the cooperation between the authorities who draft civil and Islamic laws was “good and (this) cooperation needed to be continued”.

His Majesty said that Brunei has done something “magnificent and unique” in that it has managed to incorporate Islamic aspects into all its laws.

“We have been tailoring all the civil laws with the requirements of Islam, meaning that (we have) maintained the civil (laws) but in (a) shape and structure that is more based on Islam.”
His Majesty was confident that with the implementation of the Islamic Criminal Act, the importance of civil laws will become more transparent.

“For example, when a criminal case cannot be addressed by Syariah (law) due to certain factors, then it will be addressed as a civil (law case), which has also been aligned to Syariah requirements.”

“Is this not beautiful? In my opinion, it is very beautiful (and) unique,” His Majesty added.
The monarch who was speaking at the opening of an international seminar held at the Bridex hall in Jerudong said he hoped that the event will bring about new ideas that will expedite the establishment of the Islamic Criminal Act.

“I believe that Allah SWT is currently illuminating us with His blessings because of our aspirations, and even providing us with the strength to do so.”
The Brunei Times

Saya tertanya-tanya tidak terdetikkah di hati para pemerintah dan pemimpin kita tentang hal yang sama?  Tidak berperanankah para mufti dan pegawai agama yang berdampingan dengan para pemerintah dan pemimpin negara kita?  Adakah mereka berusaha menanamkan rasa Taqwa di dalam hati-hati para pemerintah dan pemimpin negara kita Malaysia atau bagaimana?


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